The 2008 Aussie Rules Europe Conference took place on Sunday 12th October in Prague. The conference started at 11am, at the Iris Hotel.

Please find below a copy of the Agenda.

1. Welcome & Introductions
Philip Porublev

2. Countries Summary
Brief Summary of Australian Football in each attending country

3. Aussie Rules Europe
Background & Role of ARE

4. Membership
Ratification of ARE membership welcome all new member nations

5. Rules & Regulations
Confirmation of the current EU Cup player participation rules and regulations & tournament format

6. EU Cup 2009
Decision regarding the timing and location of the 2009 EU Cup

7. 18-a-side tournament
Discussion and registration of interest regarding the proposed 2010 EU 18-a-side Championships

8. Country Presentations
Presentations/submissons to the Conference by attending countries

9. Question and Answer time

10. Close and Refreshments