• Each team consists of a maximum number of 15 players.
  • A maximum of 9 players are allowed on the field at any one time.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of 6 Australian players in their squad.
  • Team entries close on 30 April, 2009.

Proposed Handicap System

    At the request of many attending nations and a continuation of the handicap model used at the previous European cups, this year’s EU Cup will be adopting a handicap system to ensure fair competition is in place and to reward nations who include many local nationals in their squads.

    Based on the squad listings, each team will earn a fixed number starting points which apply to every match a team participates in. For simplicity, points will be expressed as the lowest goal denominator.
    Points will be based on the composition of squads and be granted via the following system:

      Fair play system
        Local national +3 Points  
        Senior Aussies (born in the 1960's or before) +2 Points  
        Non-Australian, not local +2 Points  
        Australian   0 Points  

    For example, Country A has in its squad of 15 players – 7 locals, 2 EU’s and 6 Australians.
    According to the handicap chart, Country A will earn 16 points (= 7*2 + 2*1 + 6*0) which results in a starting score of 2 goals, 4 points in each match.

    In a second example, Country B has in its squad of 15 players – 12 locals, 1 EU and 2 Australians.
    As a result, it earns 25 points (=12*2 + 1*1 + 2*0) giving a starting score of 4 goals, 1 point in each match.

    Lets say Country A plays Country B. At the start of the game, the score would stand as follows

        Team   Goals   Points   Total  
        Country A 2 4 16  
        Country B   4   1   25  

    with Country B leading Country A by 9 points.


  • No players can be added to squads after squad paperwork deadline of 8pm, Friday 2 October, 2009 (handicap calculations are finalised)
  • All players must bring an official national card or passport as proof of identity and nationality
  • Each team must bring a CD (mp3) of their national anthem and a large national flag
  • Each team is responsible for any required visas for Croatia for the duration of the tournament
  • Each team is responsible for all insurance coverage, including medical insurance, and coverage for travel to-from and during the tournament
  • No team will be permitted to participate unless the entry fee payment is received in full prior to the tournament commencing
  • Teams are responsible for ensuring all match paperwork is correctly filled in and filed with the administration at the conclusion of each match
  • All teams are responsible for providing their own strapping tape, water bottles. Water will be available at the field
  • Tournament tribunals regarding on-field complaints/send-offs is final. No appeals will be permitted.