1. Playing field
    The field shall be approximately 100m x 60m and shall be marked into 3 zones - forwards, centres and backs.

  2. Teams
    1. Teams shall consist of 9 players on the field and a maximum of 6 reserves.
    2. Interchange of players may take place at any time.
    3. Teams shall consist of three forwards, three centres and three backs.

  3. Playing Time
    2 x 12 minute halves.

  4. Start of Play
    1. The game shall be started by a ball-up between two players in the centre of the ground.
    2. A player may not grab the ball at the ball-up and play on. They must knock or palm the ball and cannot play the ball again until it has been touched by another player.
    3. After a goal, the ball is taken to the centre and restarted as in (a).
    4. If a point is scored, the opposition full back shall kick in from between the goal posts.

  5. Out of Bounds
    1. When the ball goes out of bounds by either foot or hand, the nearest opponent shall kick the ball in. The player may not kick for goal from an out of bounds kick in.
    2. If there is doubt as to which team forced the ball out of bounds, the umpire shall throw the ball up.

  6. Tackling
    Full tackling (above the knees and below the shoulders) applies. Shepherding within 3m is permitted.

  7. Marking
    Any player catching a ball directly from the kick of another player, provide the ball has travelled at least 10 metres, shall be awarded a mark.

  8. Bouncing the Ball
    A player in possession may bounce the ball only once.

  9. Scoring
    1. Six points will be awarded for a goal and one for a behind.
    2. No score will be allowed when kicked from an out of bounds free kick.
    3. Whilst players are encouraged to move freely around the ground, players must be within the forward zone to score.
    4. Set-shots at goal must be completed within 20 seconds, otherwise a turn-over free kick will result.